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Our Services


include both commercial and private forest management, along with road construction and maintenance. Nicols Brothers has all of the equipment necessary to complete both large, commercial and small, private woodlot harvesting.

Implementation of Sivicultural Prescriptions and Wildlife Habitat Creation

Silviculture is the art and science of tending and regenerating forest vegetation. A silviculture system is a program of treatments that are prescribed to meet the land owners objectives through the life of a forest. The goal of a silviculture system is to create long-range sustainability in both the forest itself, and in the production of goods and services from it. Our prescriptions include harvesting to promote tree growth and quality, alter species composition, reduce competition, create a certain stand structure or habitat, rengenerate a new stand, and they can be individualized to a specific stand of trees. 

Mechanized Precommercial Thinning

Mechanized precommercial thinning involves surveying a woodlot and harvesting trees too small to be marketed. Precommercial thinning is completed in woodlots in order to improve species composition and to increase the quality, growth, and vigor of the remaining trees. Nicols Brothers completes their precommercial thinning jobs with processors, ensuring that the landowners goal of improving the overall health of their woodlot is accomplished.   

Tree Utilization and Marketing

In today's foresty industry, it is important that companies make the most of each tree that is harvested. Nicols Brothers markets their wood as either logs or pulp, depending on the make-up and composition of the tree. In 2005, Nicols Brothers' grew to include a log yard, where logs are delivered, sorted and graded, then sold to log buyers. This allows the business to market their logs in one central location, making the wood more accessible on the market. 


Boundary Line Clearing and Marking

Nicols Brothers has the capabilities to provide landowners with boundary line marking. They will clear the trees on your boundary line as well as mark the trees along the edge of your lot. This service is available for both homeowners to want their land lot marked, as well as on larger parcels of land. 

Tree Length and Log Transportation

Nicols Brothers provides tree length and log transportation services for both commercial and private land owners. The company has the capabilities of loading and transporting wood to the market, using their Timberjack Crane and Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks. Nicols Brothers also works with multiple sub-contractors who can assist with these services. 

Road Construction and Maintenance

To diversify their business, Nicols Brothers has acquired multiple pieces of equipment to build and maintain roads. They use their excavators, bulldozer, dump truck, and rock truck to build roads to grade using top-quality road material. They also have the capability to maintain roads using their rock rake and motor grader.      

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