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Logging and Trucking

Cut to Length Systems

Cut to length is a mechanized harvesting system in which trees are delimbed and cut to length directly at the stump. Our systems are set-up as a two-man, two-machine operation with a harvester felling, delimbing, and bucking trees and a forwarder transporting the logs from the felling to a landing area close to the road accessible by our trucks. 


Mechanical Whole Tree Systems

Nicols Brothers also utilizes fellerbunchers, grapple skidders, and delimbers to harvest trees in the woods. These mechanical, whole tree systems operate as a three-man, three-machine operation with the feller buncher cutting the trees and laying them in bundles. From there, the grapple skidder transports the trees to a landing area where the delimber limbs the trees and prepares them for the market.

Our Trucking Fleet

Currently, the company owns one truck and subcontracts with other drivers to deliver wood that has been harvested in the woods. Along with moving wood, these trucks, along with lo-beds, are used to transfer equipment between job sites.  


Nicols Brothers Log Yard

When Nicols Brothers moved to the Rumford Industrial Park in 2004, they established a log yard where logs could be delivered and sold to other businesses. This helps Nicols Brothers by allowing them to merchant their wood to log buyers at one central location, making it more accessible to the buyers. 


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