Past President of the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine

The Professional Logging Contractors of Maine (PLC) is an organization that was formed to give loggers in Maine a voice. The PLC focuses on logger advocacy, safety, quality operations, and business inovation. Jim Nicols, co-owner of Nicols Brothers served as president of the PLC for two years and currently serves on the executive committee as second vice-president. 

Honors and Awards

Since 1979, Nicols Brothers has recieved multiple different honors and awards for their work and has been recognized at both the local and state level.

Maine Forest Products Council Loggers of the Year

The Maine Forest Products Council is an organization that represents the diverse needs of Maine's forest products community. The group is made up of loggers, landowners, truckers, mills, tree farmers, foresters and lumber processors, as well as bankers, lawyers, and insurance executives. In 1997, Nicols Brothers was recognized by the organization as Loggers of the Year.

Town of Rumford Citizens of the Year

When the town of Rumford was hit by Hurricane Irene in 2011, Nicols Brothers knew that in order to get the town back on their feet, that local businesses would have to help out. They loaned the use of their portable bridge and installed it so that residents of the Swain Road and Isthmus Road loop could maintain the quickest access of their homes. For their generosity, co-owners of Nicols Brothers, Jim and Bill, were recognized as the Town of Rumford Citizens of the Year. 

River Valley Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year

Nicols Brothers has maintained their membership with the River Valley Chamber of Commerce for a number of years and in 2013 was recognized by the organization as Business of the Year. The business has shown an on going committment to the River Valley community, and supports and sponsors many local events. 

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