Nicols Brothers

is located in Mexico, Maine. Together, co-owners Jim Nicols and Billy Nicols have owned and operated this business for thirty-five years. Their services include both commerical and private tree harvesting, as well as road construction and maintenance. 

High Quality, Professional Forest Management

In the Woods

Our tree harvesting equipment includes feller bunchers, processors, and grapple skidders. Nicols Brothers also utilizes a cut-to-length system which includes processors and fowarders.

Services Provided


Transporting Wood

Nicols Brothers trucking fleet includes a variety of Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks, as well as Stairs and Manac trailers, which are used to transport wood to the market.





Marketing Wood

After leaving the woods, some of our trucks transport their loads directly to the mills. Nicols Brothers also has a log yard where they sort and grade logs to maximize the value of all wood processed. 


Road Work

Nicols Brothers utilizes excavators, dump trucks, motor graders and an array of additional construction equipment to build and maintain roads.